Travel Insurance

Plan your trip to Nepal with insurance

If you’re planning a trip to Nepal, there are a lot of things to consider. One of them is travel insurance: what does it cover? How much does it cost? And how do you get it?

We’ve got all the answers for you.

Nepal is full of beautiful landscapes and amazing places to see. But when you’re in Nepal, you don’t want to be worried about not having the money for an emergency flight home or even getting sick or injured during your trip. That’s why we recommend getting travel insurance.

Travel insurance can help protect you from things like medical emergencies, theft, and damage to your baggage. It also covers other unexpected events that could affect your trip, such as delayed flights or lost luggage. If you have an accident while traveling in Nepal, this coverage could prove invaluable.

Common Types of Travel Insurance

There are various types of travel insurance policies available. The most common types of policies include:

Disability coverage: This type of policy provides money for personal injury in the event you are injured during your trip.

Personal liability: This type of policy covers you for any accidents or injuries that occur on the road as a result of another driver’s negligence.

Medical payments coverage: This type of policy covers medical expenses incurred due to injuries or sickness while traveling. It also covers any missed work caused by an accident or illness while traveling.

But that’s not all! The best part about traveling with Thrill Himalaya is that we offer free 24/7 customer service by phone or email at any time of day or night. We answer any questions you have about your plan or just help make sure everything goes smoothly on your trip!