Starting the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a real test of willpower and perseverance. This popular trekking path in Nepal is a remarkable 177 kilometers (110 miles) in length. Trekkers can progressively acclimate to the challenging daily lengths. They are rewarded with breathtaking mountain scenery and a thriving local culture. Overcoming this difficult journey is a remarkable accomplishment for anyone with a spirit of adventure.

Introduction to the Manaslu Circuit Trek

An excellent way to experience the Himalayas is the Manaslu Circuit Trek Trekkers can choose from a variety of options on the circuit trail. Trekking routes that are less frequented and congested will be encountered along your journey. 

Trekking to Manaslu entails entering an extremely isolated and strenuous environment. The trek’s breathtaking scenery and culturally enlightening aspects will astound you. Trekking to the highlands with captivating views of the shimmering peaks from the lowlands with rice and millet fields is an incredible experience. 

You will hike across hills that are really near to Tibet. You can see the kinds of lives that the people of Tibet lead there. Furthermore, the customs and culture there resemble those of Tibet more. We have to admit, this tour is enticing in every way.

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit is a fantastic chance to take in the stunning scenery, diverse fauna, and secluded lifestyle of the region. 

Overview of the Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance

Manaslu Circuit Trek is about a 177-kilometer walk. This trek experiences a considerable elevation gain from 900 meters at Machha Khola to 5,106 meters at the Larkya La Pass, is regarded as difficult and demanding.

After more than seven hours of gorgeous driving from Kathmandu to Machha Khola, where we forgo the highways in favor of the trails, we begin our strenuous hike. With this breathtaking journey, you can expect an amazing time exploring other cultures and landscapes.

You will be rewarded with breathtaking views of high mountains, verdant forests, and constantly shifting landscapes as we travel through several villages including Jagat, Deng, Samagaon, Samdo, etc.

Before reaching the Larke La pass, the trek’s highest point, hikers must be informed of the distances they must travel each day to begin this amazing journey across the Himalayas.

Daily Distance Breakdown of the Manaslu Circuit Trek

DayStarting PointEnding PointDistance (km)Duration (hrs)
1Machha KholaJagat225-6

Training and Preparation for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

For the entire trail, you will be walking with your gear. Thus, you need to exercise your body through aerobic conditioning, elevation training, and strength endurance training. Doing more repetitions with less weight than strength training is known as strength endurance training. For certain muscles to support you on your adventure, you must train them. 

You need to strengthen your legs and core muscles while walking the entire distance. This will facilitate carrying your goods as well. They need to develop endurance in their shoulders and lower back as well. This facilitates carrying your equipment and supporting your body. You’ll need to get better at balancing because you’ll be going over uneven terrain.

Exercises like heel downs, step-ups, hip rolls, jump squats, and hip clocks are a few that can be performed. You may always check online for instructions on how to do things correctly. Remember that the mountain will always wait for you, so take your time with the training.

You’ll benefit from elevation training as well. Training at higher altitudes is required for this. The training is conducted at a height of more than 2,400 meters, or 8,000 feet. Over this altitude are some of the hills that encircle Kathmandu. In order to train, you can visit them. You’ll also get a little sense of the walk from this. You may explore a lot of the attractions they have there as well. 

When oxygen levels are low, your body can adjust by engaging in aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises include cycling, jogging, swimming, and brisk walking. Recall that you are not resistant to altitude sickness by this exercise.

Best Time to Trek the Manaslu Circuit

There are four distinct seasons in Nepal: spring, summer/monsoon, autumn, and winter. In general, it’s thought that going on a trek is most enjoyable in the fall and spring. 

It is also strongly advised to undertake the Manaslu Circuit Trek in one of these two seasons. But, there are other seasons when you can take in the Manaslu region’s natural and cultural splendor. 


The Manaslu region is enveloped in warmth during the vibrant spring season. A brilliant environment emerges when the snow melts and the cold sets in. After autumn, spring is the next best time of year to go trekking. 

The sky is clear and the weather is lovely. Furthermore, a wide range of flora in various tones and hues beautifully adorns the pathways. But even in the spring, the top regions are still covered in winter’s chill. Thus, ensure that you are appropriately attired.


Summer arrives with a sudden spike in temperature soon after spring. However, rain also arrives with the heat. For this reason, people don’t think that trekking is best done in the summer. The temperature is high and there are frequent downpours as the humidity rises. 

Rain can cause scheduling disruptions for trekking. It may also result in muddy and treacherous pathways. Besides, the views are obscured by the clouds. 


Autumn creates a more chilly ambiance as the heat fades. In Nepal, autumn is regarded as the ideal season for trekking of all kinds. 

Trekkers will be swarming the trails during this peak trekking season. There is very little probability of rain today and the weather is mild. Both the sights and the skies are clear. 


The Himalayas experience frigid temperatures practically all year round throughout the winter. This is the chilly season in most of the Manaslu region. Trekking is quite challenging because of the chilly temperature and sporadic snowfall. 

Temperatures in the lower sections range from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius during the day and can drop below zero at night. Temperatures during the day may average 3 degrees Celsius in areas higher than 4,000 meters. 

Conclusion: Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance Worth It?

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a very long trek that goes around the Manaslu mountain in Nepal. The total distance walked during this trek is over 100 miles (160 km). This makes it one of the longest treks in the Himalayan mountains.

Hiking such a huge distance is extremely challenging and tiring. It requires being in excellent physical shape and takes around 2-3 weeks to complete.

However, many trekkers say the incredible scenery along the way makes the long-distance absolutely worth it. You will get to see vast Himalayan scenery, traverse steep mountain passes, stop at Buddhist monasteries, and learn about the customs of ethnic groups like the Tsum and Nubri people.

So in summary, while the Manaslu Circuit is grueling due to its extreme length, the unique cultural experiences and stunning mountain vistas make enduring the long distance very rewarding for fit and adventurous trekkers.

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